6 Things to do before Going Back to School

Go out and have fun before it all ends!!!
It’s finally August, and the new school year is coming nearly. After spending a lazy and comfortable summer, what’s your idea to the rest of holiday time? Here are some recommend things to do before you go back to school, hope you can enjoy rest time of this holiday.

(1)Gather together with friends

It’s always happy to be with friends no matter what to do. So, you can go out for a movie, have a picnic, dinner, or whatever you are interested in! Remember to take a photo to memory the perfect moment!(2)Have a swimming pool party

In such a hot summer, why not cool down before school begins? Either go somewhere in town, or go swimming in your backyard. You can pack a delicious lunch to go with your day and bring your friends to tag along.

(3)Get some cold and sweet 

Go out and get your final ice cream cone, frozen yogurt, or anything cold and sweet you desire! As long as it is sweet and you’re not watching your weight, then all is good! Right? 

(4)You may want to start getting school supplies

Yeah, you probably don’t want to think about it yet, but school is coming close! Make sure you know what you need with all your favorite color(s) and designs before they all run out!

(5)Fulfill your Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love shopping? Why not go back to school with a whole new look? Go and get some new clothes, change your old style and be a fresh you in this new school year! (6)Have a family night 

For students who are going to back to college far away, we especially suggest you ti have a family night. Play games, make a meal together, watch movies at home, or do any activities you love doing as a family. You’ll definitely miss them when you’re at school, so be with them as much as you can in the rest time of your holiday! 

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