Best Christmas 2017 Gifts ideas for girlfriend- Learn from!

It’s 25 days away from Christmas 2017, and the day is approaching, but what are the Christmas gifts for your girlfriend? Don’t worry, I’m going to help you to pick out the presents, and what you can do? Give me a feedback that how do you show love for your girlfriend in Christmas 2017.


Tip # before reading

If you are entangled with the problem that giving your girlfriend a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, I will recommend Lamborghini (anyway, you have plenty of money, the most expensive is always the best). Then please close this blog.

Okay, let’s go to the point. After all, most of us are not Bill Gates, so what kind of gift should we give girls as a perfect Christmas gift? First of all, please remember a most important point:Good Looking! I round up 10+ stylish products from Amazon, and I have tried some of them.

1.L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

There can be no doubt that L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is the best hand lotion on the market. It could be a lifesaver for me during the long winter with dry air outdoors and dry heat indoors. This hand cream is really moisturizing and compact.
Spread only a little bit on hands after hand washing to fend off grems, and my hands are instantly and softer to touch.
No girl doesn’t like her hands are comfortable to the touch while hand in hand with boyfriend.
And L’Occitane is one of the best brand among girls, so you could imagine how surprise your girlfriend is when receiving this hand cream as Christmas gift.

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

This Revlon super lustrous lipstick replaced a much more expensive brand that I usually buy when I was a student. I made it my go-to rather than the other more expensive. So this stylish lipstick suit most of students without a steady income.
But it’s a little hard for a boy to choose the correct color which your girlfriend like at the first time.

3. ZVE leather wallet case with card holder

No girl can resist the charm of this ZVE iPhone wallet case case. My cousin and girl friends have been using this band of cases for a couple of years and and will continue to use long after! And they all can ditch standard wallet.
This wallet case has 180°Rotation card holder and Secure Magnetic Closure that can carrying debit card and cash easily. This is a shockproof case as well because of its TPU lip to keep the screen from scratching or touching the ground.
What’s more, the stylish designer-look that has become a near-universal accessory of smartphone users.

4. ZVE detachable Leather Wallet Case

This is a new release card holder wallet case for smartphone.
You might wonder why I recommend an un-slim wallet case. You mignt not know that girls usually carry so much odds and ends in their purse and bag, such as lipstick, key, ticket and so on. And these little odds and ends are hard to be found when we need it. So girls need a handbag-like case with enough space to hold them.
What special function with this ZVE detachable? The wallet and the case can be separated for independent use. It’s stable for the wallet to attach the case through high quality strong magnet so it is not easy to lost.

5. ZVE Snowproof Shockproof Protective Phone case

What are the outdoor plans of Christmas 2017 with your girlfriend?
Fishing, skiing, swimming, climbing, cycling, camping, skiing or other else?
These are the reason why I high recommend to you as one of the best Christmas gift.
This smartphone case had a 6 meters high test proving it has full protection feature about full body protection designed, drop protection, anti-dust, anti-frost, waterproof, shock resistant, and screen-touchable.
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