8 Popular iPhone Case Brand

1.Spigen Tough Armor FX Case
What this case lacks in colors and design, it makes up for with overall protection. The case utilizes TPU and polycarbonate materials, along with button covers, a built-in screen protector, and raised corners that lift the back of the phone. The latter has also been treated with a special coating to ensure it maintains the iPhone’s responsiveness and functionality. Drop protection, shock absorption, and air cushioning in the corners round out the hallmarks, all of which have been to meet military drop-test standards.

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2.ZVE iPhone Leather Wallet Case.
Get tired to carry on the heavy purse with you? Always forget to take the important cards?Now you just need a ZVE WALLET CASE to get rid of losing your cards.ZVE iPhone 7 plus leather wallet case with a hidden cards and cash slot in the back.Closure design can make your cards or case securest.

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3.iDeal Swipe Wallet Case
iDeal wants you to never have to open your case in order to answer phone calls — and the Swipe Wallet comes with several unique and practical features to make this a reality. First off, there’s the answer function located on the front of the case, which allows you to answer calls with the mere swipe of a finger. The window on the front can also display the time, music, and calls, while the side contains two hidden volume buttons. Since it’s a wallet case, it also has slots on the back for holding up to four cards, and its slim design allows it to rest neatly within your pocket. It also has a built-in stand and magnetic closure.

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4. Zagg Speaker Case
This unusual offering from Zagg is unlike any iPhone 6 case we’ve seen before. There’s a simple black bumper case with metallic button covers, then there’s a separate Bluetooth speaker and microphone that snaps into the back. The idea is that you only take the speaker when you need it, and easily pop it out and use it in the center of the table for conference calls. It also boosts the sound considerably when listening to various forms of entertainment, though it’s not really powerful enough to fill a room with music.

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5. Cover-Up Woodback Snap Case
It can be expensive to snag a wooden phone case sometimes, but Cover-Up offer a range that won’t break the bank. You’ve got a solid, polycarbonate case in black, with a wooden panel on the back. It will offer basic protection from scuffs and bumps – don’t expect amazing drop protection.

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6. JimmyCase Walle
You get a distinctive look and a great mix of materials with the wallet from JimmyCase. Made in California, these cases combine a silicone bumper, with a gorgeous mahogany back panel, and a practical, eye-catching elastic pocket on the back. The elastic pocket enables you to slot in cash and cards, so it can act as a real wallet replacement, stretching to accommodate what you need to take, unlike many wallet cases which have very limited space. You’ll find a range of different color combos on offer.

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7. OtterBox Defender Case
The Defender case from OtterBox is designed to withstand everyday drops and impacts. Take one look at this case, and you know it’s rugged, but OtterBox’s Defender series isn’t only effective against the outside world, it’s also fairly stylish, and comes in a range of colors to complement your iPhone.

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8. Amzer Crusta Case
The Crusta case from Amzer certainly looks different and it offers rugged protection at a reasonable price. You’ll find a tempered glass screen protector which will safeguard your screen from scratches without impacting touch sensitivity. The case itself is a hard, polycarbonate shell with a tempered glass backing, and there’s a layer of softer plastic like rubber that goes around the outside forming air pockets to absorb shock.

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