What exclusive deals for ZVE members?

Most customers have purchased ZVE items on Amazon stores. They like our products and complain that didn’t get any coupon and new information for purchasing on the second time.

So we decided to built this official website to share more coupons and new releases to our dear members. We love innovating, sharing and dreaming. So please feel free to contact us if you have any idea of ZVE.

Here are some best ways that we can find out to share with our members:

Sign up now to get $50 Gift Package Codes!!!


1. You can use them to save $50 total, for any product in ZVE Amazon stores.

2. Because ZVE will launch new products every inregular,  we need to 24 hours to select the latest product codes after you sign up. 

3. Each code can be used once.

4. US only.


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12 thoughts on “How to sign up

  1. duarte34 says:

    I signed up and have not received any coupon. That’s one of the reason why I made my purchase on amazon. also, this is not my 3rd product that I have purchased from you.

    • zveclub says:

      Dear Customer, have you received our email now? We will send the codes to our customer within 48 hours after they signed up. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

  2. libruslove says:

    This is by far the best phone case for my Samsung Note 8. I love it . The actual packaging is even something to look at. It is really a great case. If you have a Note 8 and need to carry cards and cash this is the case for you.
    Note 8 Wallet Case, Note 8 Case with Card Holder, ZVE Case with Credit Card Holder Slot Protective Leather Wallet Case Handbag Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note8 (2017)-Black

  3. libruslove says:

    This case is honestly the best my daughter is now mad because she wants one so I did the whole post on my social media and filled out the free gift form so that I can get another one. Greatest idea was making this durable case but yet its still thin and can hold money cards, slips of paper, etc and still not be bulky!

  4. quimainem2 says:

    I bought a phone case that came with a scannable code for a $50 gift package. I came to the website, signed up and had no option to scan the code or receive a gift package. How does this work?

    • zveclub says:

      Hi friend, our sign up gift package email will be sent within 48 hours after you signed up, please kindly check then. Any more questions please feel free to contact us, thanks!

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