Easter ideas: How to enjoy with your lovely kid?

How much Easter traditions do you know? And how will you celebrate with your family or friends? Here we have several suggestions and ideas to share with you, take them for reference.
Easter bunnies and eggs are always the main stream of Easter. But do you really know the true meaning of Easter? We suggest you to learn the Easter Tradition with your family together, kids may also be interested in learning about the history of Easter bunny.
Dyeing eggs would be one of the most cherished memory in Easter for kids. Teach your kids how to color eggs with natural dyes, decorate them with herbs, or add flair to them with tie-dyed effects.
Make and share delicious food with your kids. Bake a lovely bunny cake or cupcake. This is also a good way to enjoy time with your kids and exercise their practical ability.
Dyeing eggs may be the most popular activities loved by kids in Easter, but you can choose another way to enjoy this day with your kids. Such as make a Easter basket, let your kid create his own Easter basket, or you may find his talent about handcraft.
The tradition of Easter, egg hunt, enjoy with your kids. Hide Easter eggs around the house, yard or the playground. Let them enjoy the happiness of hunting eggs.
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