Why do ZVE recruit Fan Team  ?
Almost 5,000 members joined ZVEclub. You guys are not only the distinguished customers for ZVE, but also the valuable designers.

Therefore, a bright idea occurs! Everyone may have a lot of ideas, and who know whether someone may be that buried genius designer?

So ZVE consider to set up an exclusive entrance for Fans to realize their ideas easier.

If you are a technology lover and fashion follower, why not join ZVE? (Only US.)
What can you enjoy as a Fan?
Make Ideas Come True
World will not cooperate to make your idea come true if they never appear to world.

So just tell us, ZVE professional designers will try best to make them happen.

Test New Design for Free
ZVE launches new releases every month. So each time there will be 10 Fans (only US) get chance to test new design for free (NOT buy necessary)


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ZVE have professional designer team and creative development department. What’s more, ZVE Fans come from different industries, it means we can learn more knowledge of other filed.