4 thoughts on “FORUM

  1. christi112 says:

    I signed up and bought a leather wallet case for my iphone 7 plus.I have had several wallet cases for several phones this is the first that honestly impressed me with the build quality. I really love it so much.

  2. sstall1123 says:

    Hello I am very happy to receive my new case charger for my Apple Watch and my tablet and my iPhone I am so happy to receive this , this will help me tremendously as they organize and keep things in order I am really glad that I got this and I really have enjoyed it

    • zveclub says:

      Hello, wow you are the first commet here, would you like to move to the DEALS part to join the REVIEW activities? copy and add more in your review, and post it on that comment, then email support@zveclub.com to choose the prize case you love. Our support team will reply you before this Friday. good luck!

  3. Dylan says:

    My girlfriend bought me a lighter case . It is a fantastic case, for one it has 2 features that come in very handy for us smokers. The bottle opener and the cigarette lighter in the rear. We love it so much.

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