Halloween Costume Ideas for Both Adults and Kids

Halloween is fast approaching. Do you have your costume ideas? Below we have some options for your costume, let’s see.
1.Mary Poppins
A Disney classic comes to life with this creative family costume submitted by Katie Uppman. The little one looks super cute as Bert in his pavement chalk artist gear.
2.Big, Bad Brother
Morgan Medinger submitted this photo of a brother-sister duo playing out the popular Little Red Riding Hood story.
3.Eat More Spinach
Start with sailor gear and transform into Popeye’s posse this Halloween like Lisa Adams’ family. Your little munchkin can play the role of Sweet Pea.
4.Beware of Apples
Angie Sucharski played the wicked stepmother in this otherwise-sweet family costume idea. Snow White is even biting into the apple!
5.Super Family
Samantha Goodenough dressed her whole family in Superman costumes, because everyone deserves to be a superhero on Halloween.
6.Superheroes Unite
Erica Paredes made sure everyone in her crew was in costume to be part of the Avengers. Their youngest daughter was Baby Hulk.
7.Skeleton Soiree
Your undead brood is invited to a party that’s going to rock the graveyard, so you’d better dress the part. Cutting out the bones is made easy by first laying strips of duct tape on a parchment paper backing. Accessorize with formal-yet-funky touches, such as a choker, top hat, tutu, and vest.
In this quartet, Mom and Dad donned the Ghostbusters uniforms, goggles and all, while their babies make for adorable ghosts.
All family Halloween costumes get better when the family dog is included too. In this case, we’ve got Mom as Catwoman, Dad as the Joker, baby as the Caped Crusader and his furry friend as his sidekick Robin.
The fear of mimes is real—there’s even an official word for it: metamfiezomaiophobia. And with how authentic these family Halloween costumes look, you’re bound to freak a few people out. Plus, this is an easy DIY option: All this family of four needed were some black-striped tees, suspenders and harlequin face paint to get the job done.
Which one are you interested in? Or you have planned something else? Welcome to comment below for everyone’s reference!
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