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Oct 30, 4:10 PM PDT ‐ Oct 30,10:10 PM PDT

Oct 30, 5:15 PM PDT ‐ Oct 30, 11:15 PM PDT



iphone 7/8: Oct 30, 4:10 PM PDT ‐ Oct 30,10:10 PM PDT

iphone 7/8 plus: Oct 30, 5:15 PM PDT ‐ Oct 30, 11:15 PM PDT

Galaxy S8: October 30, 3:05 PM PDT ‐ October 30, 9:05 PM PDT



 October 30th, 3:05 PM PDT ‐ October 30th, 9:05 PM PDT
 Galaxy S8 wallet case

for iphone 7/ iphone 8

for iphone 7 plus/ 8 plus

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  1. JOE_BROWN930 says:

    This phone case is perfect and my wife loves it!
    There are so many phone cases online it can be overwhelming. This phone case is perfect and my wife loves it. The leather is nice, the protection to the screen is excellent because it goes past the screen far enough to protect it fully. The credit cards slip in the back easily and wont fall out. Really quite good for the money.


    I’ve had this case about 6 months now. I like to really use a product for awhile to see the wear and tear before I post a review. I purchased this at full price just after I bought my iPhnoe 7+. So, after 6 months of use this is what I can say about this case:
    Surprisingly, it shows LITTLE to NO sign of wear and tear. It stays put when closed, the magnets have not shifted or become weak and they still hold tight so I feel like my cards etc are secure. The 4 slots haven’t stretched out to much ( i don’t overload it though I suppose someone could) so they still hold my cards and ID, and it’s convenient to carry when I don’t want to carry an entire wallet but need more than one card and an ID. I don’t need to carry a purse with this case so I frequently use for travel through TSA checkpoints and while on vacation. Incredibly convenient. Have also accidentally dropped my phone a few times while in this case and found that it protected the screen and phone….no damage to case or iPhone. It is NOT leather, but has a good feel in one’s hand, is low maintenance (just use water to spot clean), and lighter than a true leather wallet. Good value. Worth the price. Great option for travel

  3. Hugh_EDWARDS says:

    his case is a perfect gadget for drinkers and smokers. The lighter is easy to light up cigarettes. It only took 3 seconds to light up a cigarette. I have tried to light up cigarettes with it for many times, it still works well till now. The lighter can be charged with an apple lightning cable. Very convenient and no need to take extra cable to charge. It has a little LED light under the lighter button. The green LED will flash when it is charging. And after charging for about 1 hours, the green LED becomes stable so that I could know when it will be fully charged. And according to its description, it can be intelligently locked after pushing the button three times quickly. I tried and it did work as it said. Very nice!! It has a bottle opener too. I did not tried it yet. I will update my review after I try it. It is my favourite case untill now!

  4. Feletcher_PARKER says:

    I was a little hesitant.
    I had the previous version of this case for the 6s and eventually it stopped charging and it was a little bulky. I decided to try it again and get the upgraded version of the case and oh my gosh it is so sleek compared to the previous version. The integration of a lightning port to charge the case with the same charger I charge my phone with is great. The lighter lasts so much longer than the previous version on one charge. I also love that the bottle opener is integrated on top.

  5. kolten.evans221 says:

    Great compact wallet case! I love this wallet case. I carry 2 credit cards & my drivers license on the 3 slot side and bandaids and one $ bill on the other side. More than that feels too bulky for me to close it. I never feel like my cards or cash will fall out. The slide wallet part stays put and the cards fit just snugly enough to not fall out. It comes up over the top of my phone so if it dropped flat on the screen side the lip of the case would hit first. I’ve dropped this a few times already and it’s been fine.

  6. KELLYJOMOHN says:

    I purchased the iphone/apple watch stand in rose gold. I love it so much! It works perfectly for what I needed and is beautiful! Thanks for making a great product!

  7. elbereth210 says:

    I bought the 2-in-1 aluminum universal stand in the Rose color. I absolutely adore it. Not only does it keep my watch out of the way while charging, it also allows me to leave my phone either vertical or horizontal so I can “watch” TV in bed. I especially like being able to thread the cords to keep behind the phone & watch & out of the way. The build is solid and the color beautiful. Truly a lovely find in a mass of cheap junk offered on Amazon. Thank You!

  8. guiltypleasures says:

    I just received my new case for my iPhone 6 and love, love, love it! I bought the case with the zipper compartment to hold credit cards, etc. and that is the feature that really sold me on this case. My old case was a wallet style in the fact that it had a cover that closed over the screen when not being used. It wasn’t a bad feature except it didnt hold more than two cards and taking photos was very awkward as you had to hold the cover open while taking photos. Taking photos with my iPhone is one of my favorite things and now this case fits that need perfectly:) Oh and my new case is a beautiful almost salmon pink color, so girly and cute for this older lady. Thank you ZVE, you have a fan and I also registered.

  9. bill_wade0092 says:

    Received my case for iphone 7plus. Black leather realty looks good. It holds my credit and bank cards with no problem. i will not have to carry a billfold any more. Phone fits tight and the case has a good bumper around the front. I don’t think you will go wrong with these cases.

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