Mother’s Day Celebration in different Countries

Mother’s Day was originally derived from ancient Greece. Mother’s Day initiated by American Amanm.arvis, which is Mother’s Day in the modern sense. Mother’s Day inspired the children’s affection and kindness, which is of great significance. It has now become an international commemorative holiday for people around the world to commemorate their mothers and show respect for their mothers.

Although some countries celebrate their Mother’s Day at different times of the year, the custom of Mother’s Day varies according to different countries and different nationalities. But it was established to sing praise to the great mothers of the world, to commemorate the mother’s kindness, and to carry forward the morality of honoring the mother.

Let’s take a look at how the peoples of the world celebrate Mother’s Day.


The second Sunday of May every year is Mother’s Day. For many ordinary Americans, flowers are “standard” for Mother’s Day. For Americans celebrating Mother’s Day, they generally pay more attention to the connotation of the holiday, instead of laying stress on formal events and deliberately exaggerating it. After all, it is a solemn day and it is the expression of love for the mother. Unlike other festive holidays, if the mother is alive, the child will wear new clothes on this day, pick up another bright red flower, and send her mother a nice gift; if the mother is dead, the family will Wear a small white flower to show nostalgia.


France set the last Sunday of May every year as Mother’s Day. Flowers are an essential gift for French people celebrating Mother’s Day. In addition, to allow mothers to “liberate” from heavy housework, most French people would invite their mothers to go out to eat on Mother’s Day. Some would also accompany their mothers to watch movies and enjoy operas after dinner.


In South Korea, every time people expressed their kindness to their mothers, they also remember to thank their father. Thus, since 1973, this day officially changed to “Parent Day”, and has continued to this day, becoming a very important holiday in South Korea. On the day of  “Parent Day,” children usually make greeting cards and prepare flowers for their parents. At the same time, they will send a gift to express their wishes. Of course, the most important thing is to accompany their parents to do their filial piety. If they visit their parents on the same day, the children must first salute their parents, that is, the Korean traditional “oblivion ceremony.” After the ceremony, they sent flowers and gifts, and then sat around their parents to receive teachings, such as traditional thoughts of respect for the elderly and some traditional etiquette culture.


The fourth Sunday of Mother’s Day in England, which is traditionally known as Mothering Sunday, is now called Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of the year (on the eve of Easter, 40 days except on Sunday). People go home to visit their parents on this day and pay tribute to them. 
Every year before Mother’s Day, London’s major stores will launch a variety of warm gifts and promotional activities for Mother’s Day to remind everyone not to forget the festival. Various propaganda, decoration and promotional activities also make Mother’s Day more festive atmosphere.


Every April 5th is Mother’s Day in India. On this day, all mothers who have children should wear colorful sari, wear fine jewelry, and come to public places to enjoy themselves to show their female style.


Every year on August 12th is Thailand’s Mother’s Day. During the festival, the most significant event in the country is “selecting excellent mothers.” Then, thousands of daughters held white jasmine flowers as mother’s flowers to their mothers to express gratitude.


On the second Sunday in May, there will be greeting cards and carnations to express love. It is also suggested to express motherly love with forgetfulness.


December 12th is the “Holy Day” of Mexico on the 12th of each year to commemorate the Virgin, a kindhearted, cheerful woman. On this day, people dressed in national costumes, held banners of the Virgin Mary, and downloaded songs and dances in the leadership of the elderly.

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