New iPhone Case in Crossbody Style

Hi guys~ How are you lately?
Have you changed your iPhone to the update version? We suppose many Apple loyal fans have changed to the new iPhone. So almost all the phone case sellers have launched their new version phone case, so do we.
However, we know still many customers will keep using their old version iPhone, since one iPhone can be used long, even many people use their iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 now, it’s normal.
So to our new phone case, the model we firstly launched is for iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus, and also come with iPhone XS MAX days before.
Both 2 new style are crossbody style, you can have a look below:
(1) Crossbody Chain Butterfly Case
For iPhone 7 plus & iPhone 8 plus


For iPhone XS MAX


(2) Crossbody Chain Money Pocket Case
For iPhone 7 plus & iPhone 8 plus
As you know, we are happy to create new things, so we always have monthly new products, also new phone models for the new styles. So, if you like our products, welcome to sign up on our site to gain all our latest updates!