New Patterns for your iPhone in this August

Long time no see!
Are you expecting our new stuffs?
Today, we’re going to introduce you our new patterns for ZVE Handbag Zipper Wallet Case!
Unlike previous pure color, this time, we have made some beautiful patterns on it, so they will come with a sense of fashion and design.
This time, our main element is flower, and with other summer element like pineapple and lemon.
Let’s see them below.

Which one are you interested in?
Beside these, we still have other styles. Now we’re having a vote on these new patterns, and 3 free trial qualification can customize their own pattern. If you are interested in voting and winning your unique phone case, welcome to click here to join this activity.
If you’re not interested to vote their,  welcome to comment below and let us know your favorite one.
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