New release detachable iPhone 8/ 8 plus wallet case on Amazon

If you are looking to a detachable iPhone wallet case for you iphone  8 plus / iphone X , just look here.!! Here are a good recommendation for you. Not only can protect your iPhone, but also convenience to use. Super slim to phone and still holds up 4 cards, folded cash and folded store receipts.It’s a good choice to replace your wallet and phone case.

This aesthetically pleasing wallet case is perfect for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 S but only for the smaller version with 4.7 inches in dimension. It has a materialistic design but effectively covers and protects the cell phone. What makes the product stand out from other similar ones in the market is that it makes an excellent cardholder as well, with 4 slots to pocket your money and belongings!
 Other characteristic features of this product include flexibility and easy usage as its inner case is removable. Moreover, you can flaunt the inverted case design that further allows you to listen to your favorite tunes without having to open the zipper. Another defining feature of the wallet is its inner back case with build-in metal works great with magnetic car phone mount holder, fully adjustable with 360°rotation provided more convenience while you driving. There is no need to miss any important call or message while driving as long as you have iPhone wallet case with you.
This case is available on Amazon with free shipping with 12 months warranty.
It also have the iphone 7 plus 5.5 inch version and other 3 color to choose. If it is your favor style case, you can click the link to find more details and buy one soon!!
Iphone 6/6s:
Iphone 7/7s plus: