Our Story



What we do
Our faith is to make people’s life easier and more convenient. At ZVE store, you definitely can have an enjoyable shopping experience through our good quality products and customer service.

How we do
ZVE is committed to create an independent brand to provide more creative, unique and high-quality mobile phone accessories for people who are seeking for novelty and individualism.

To Members

1.All of cases have warranty more than 180 days, if you need warranty or exchange, please Email our service team :support@zveclub.com with your order number and product photos.

2.Due to the global time differences, we will reply you within 24 hours on business day, but within 72 hours on weekend or holiday.

3. If our support team’s service doesn’t satisfied you, please leave a message on “ZVE support” of the website. We have always attached great importance to the quality of service, and we never tolerate any negative affection to our company original intention because of some lazy staff’s service attitude.

ZVE Customer Service Team

E-mail: support@zveclub.com

Facebook : @zveclub
Twitter : @ZVE_club
Instagram : @zve_club
YouTube: ZVE