Top 4 iphone wallet case for iphone 8 or iphone X of new release


How do you think about NEW RELEASES of  iPhone 8 and iphone X

Apple company held the iPhone launch events on 12th September, the new releases of iphone 8 and iphone X can be surprise to some Fans of APPLE, and must make some people down because they think iphone X is a release of departure from the spirit of Steve jobs. 

In the time of Steve jobs, what NOKIA did: a same baseplate for hundreds models of phone and thousands level of prices, NOKIA just focus on the money.
From jobs’s final legacy iphone 4s to the inertial product iphone 5,no matter how often Taylor’s boyfriend in the swift, we use the iPhone 4 s is the same. (of course has difference in capacity ), but Apple had never made each kind of iPhone a huge difference of price.
This is an excellent product design to create a world of great harmony. If Mr Jobs were still there, if FaceID was so good, then all iPhone users should be able to enjoy the cost of the production.Instead of splitting the same product into three or six or six. In business, of course, this is naive paranoia, but much of Apple’s success comes from this seemingly silly paranoia. Because of the iPhone X, the iPhone8 is not only an awkward flagship, it’s also a shameless flagship.

And Why do I say iphone8 surprises some Fans?

When the appearance of X came out, many sellers who had made lots of Imagination and speculation about iphone 8 and iphone X were disappointed. They thought they could get a step ahead of the Apple fan’s marketing, but mistake.Fortunely a new discovery made up for their disappointment: Those cases for iphone 7 plus are also suit for iphone 8.

This iphone 7plus/ iphone 8 case is easily holds three credit cards and drivers license, in addition to 3-4 bills folded in 4ths. The leather looks great (very stylish) and the form/function of the fold out card holder is super cool. The case wraps around the edge of iPhone 7 very well and does not interfere with aftermarket screen protector nor any of the phone buttons and ports. Has not had any issues with cards getting deactivated, including two separate week long tests with hotel keys that are notorious for becoming “demagnetized”. Credit cards fit just slightly tight, but just the way most people want them as like a tight fit so they don’t slip out when opening the case.
This case for iphone 7 plus/ iphone 8 looks professional (leather external) and the stretch card design is brilliant! It easily fit 4 cards with room to spare (could probably do 6 if needed. every user really likes that can push the cards deep into the pocket so that they are nearly impossible to pull out without using the strap – safe & secure – and the little strap makes it easy to pull out what I need, when you need it. The case seems very durable too, you wouldn’t worry too much about the occasional drop, and there is a lip over top of the screen so that the screen will not directly impact the ground / flat surface if it’s dropped. This is the perfect combination of sleek & professional looking style, protection, convenience of the card holder, and it’s really not too bulky at all. I seriously love this case, brilliant design & great quality at a reasonable price.
When you are in traveling overseas with the original case and will find that it’s so great not to have a separate wallet. The new case is smaller all around and slides in and out of pocket even easier. The etched pattern on the sides provides a comfortable secure feel – it definitely is not going to slide out of your hand. While it won’t hold everything you have in wallet, you can carry everything you need including a house key. All the features of the iPhone are now easily accessible making this case the best case you have ever had for a phone and now don’t have to care a wallet.  This iphone 7 plus/ iphone 8 case fits nicely in hand and has no problem talking on it or texting.
This iphone 8 plus case holds phone 8 in tightly and holds a lot of cards. Currently have 10 cards (debit cards, credit cards, drivers license, gift cards, insurance cards) and several pieces of paper in it and it still closes. It’s a bit stiff at first, as are most, but it quickly stretches out. The magnetic closure keeps it closed all the time. This is perfect if you don’t carry a purse. Put it in back pocket while running in a store or keep it in hand. Overall you could get many complements on this iphone 8/ iphone 8 plus case and believe that you will recommendit to people.
These cases all could be common to iphone 7 plus and iphone 8.
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