Top 7 wallet case for iphone 6/ 6s/ 7 plus/8 plus is from a best brand of ZVE

Protective iPhone7 Plus Card Holder Cases with ID Credit Card Holder Slot, Durable Shockproof Cover for Apple iPhone 7 PLUS.

Protective iPhone7 Plus Card Holder Cases with ID Credit Card Holder Slot, Durable Shockproof Cover for Apple iPhone 7 PLUS. 

If you are looking to protect your iPhone, here are some durable wallet cases for you to choose from.

Most people can’t leave their iphone even 1 step that there is no doubt that iPhones are precious and need effective protection to remain free of damage and good as new. However, being an item of daily and excessive use, they are often prone to damage as well as wear and tear. This implies the need of investing in proper protection. This is where phone cases come into the picture, offering protection, space, and style! 

1. iPhone 6 wallet case plus card holder — Black

This aesthetically pleasing wallet case is perfect for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 S but only for the smaller version with 4.7 inches in dimension. It has a minimalistic design but effectively covers and protects the cell phone. What makes the product stand out from other similar ones in the market is that it makes an excellent cardholder as well, with 4 slots to pocket your money and belongings!
 Other characteristic features of this product include flexibility and easy usage as its inner case is removable. Moreover, you can flaunt the inverted case design that further allows you to listen to your favorite tunes without having to open the zipper. Another defining feature of the wallet is its built-in metal design that works well with any magnetic car mount holder. There is no need to miss any important call or message while driving as long as you have iPhone 6 wallet case with you. This case is available on Amazon with free shipping with 12 months warranty.

2. iPhone 7 wallet Case— shockproof leather — Black 

This is a beautifully crafted leather wallet case that is just perfect to hold your precious cell phone. Sold by ZVE club, the product comes in black color. This is an ideal fit for iPhone 7 with 4.7 inches in dimension with 12 months warranty. In addition to offering protection to the phone, the anti-scratch leather case has space to hold your plastic money for you as well.
This wallet-cum-case is created from advanced PC and TPU material and thus provides ample protection to your iPhone against shock, drops, and bumps that are inevitable with an item of such routine use. Moreover, it has a slightly raised beveled edge that ensures safety for your phone camera and touch screen. Another interesting feature offered by the iPhone wallet case is the resilient ribbon that lets your money out easily, simply at a pull of the release ribbon.

3. Wallet case and Cardholder for iPhone 7

This cardholder plus phone case offers protection for your iPhone, all the while increasing its aesthetic value. The eye-catching blue color of the case is bound to impress.
 Sold by ZVE at a price of only $16.99 on Amazon, the wallet case offers style and protection to your iPhone 7. Also, it comes with a 180 days’ warranty. It is compatible with the smaller model that is 4.7 inches in dimensions and does not work with the 5.5 inches’ version.
The product has several defining characteristics such as being soft to touch, having adequate storage space, and offering superb security. The smoothness of the surface comes from its TPU base shell and soft  leathers while ample storage is provided with slots to hold more than 10 credit cards, keys, IDs, as well as folded cash. Moreover, the anti-lost lanyard technology ensures safety for your phone as well. This case has 12 months warranty.

4. iPhone 7 Plus wallet Case and handbag 


Saving your iPhone 7 Plus from damage is not a difficult task anymore, thanks to this stylish wallet case. This best-seller comes in a beautiful rose gold shade, taking fashion accessories for girls, up a notch. The sophisticated product beats all others by offering a detachable strap option, offering comfort with fashion while you are shopping or traveling. Despite fulfilling the fashion standards, this  the iPhone case plus cardholder costs only $11.99. The product is sold by ZVE and distributed by Amazon. The option of gift wrapping is also offered with the delivery.
This product is ideal for housing iPhone 7 plus, the 5.5 inches’ version of 2016. It is crafted from premium quality leather that offers a breathtaking handmade construction. The sturdy stitching on the side of the case not just adds durability but also a touch of elegance to the product design.  It provides space for holding 5 cards and a money pocket. The security of your belongings is ensured by the extra strong magnetic closure option. Another interesting feature of the iPhone 7 plus wallet case is flexibility as it is removable and can be used on its own as well. It has a long time warranty of 18 months.

5. Cardholder and iPhone 7 Plus wallet case

Another interesting option for the iPhone 7 plus owners is this rose gold cardholder plus wallet case. It’s ideal for the 5.5 inches’ version of the iPhone and is available at the humble price of $16.99. The iPhone holder is distributed by ZVE via Amazon and comes with a guarantee period of 18 months.
It does not only have a stellar reputation for carrying the iPhone but also offers sufficient space to keep your money, credit cards, and other important belongings. The cardholder section can be hidden at the back of the product, thus increasing security for plastic money. The magnetic closure further facilitates in enhancing security of the product. In addition to offering space and security, the product offers premium quality PU leather and TPU base shell, allowing longevity. The stitching on its edges further strengthens the durability factor.

6. Wallet Case for iPhone 7 Plus — New Release

Add a touch of sophistication to your precious iPhone 7 Plus with this leather wallet case. The case is compatible with the 5.5-inch version and is not suitable for the smaller 4.7 one.
The new release not just provides your phone shockproof protection against falls and drops with its TPU lip and raised edges but also offers ample space to hold your cards and belongings for you. The product is bound to stand out from the crowd with its classy appearance, resilient rubber feature for easy retrieval of cards and cash, and light construction for trouble-free handling.
Buy it from ZVE distributors on Amazon at a discounted rate of $12.99. Other features on availing the service include free shipping and a 18 months warranty.

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