What do you most want to do in a hot summer? We suppose that are water recreation. Lately we ZVE has released some new style waterproof cases. We have printed many different kinds of pattern on the case, it will look more fashionable. Please check below:iPhone 6/6s style: -Baseball Robot -Basketball Frame -Basketball Robot -Basketball […]

Since Apple released iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X last year, many Apple fans keep chasing its pace and change a new iPhone. However, more people prefer iPhone 8 plus rather than iPhone X, the newest one. Why? Many different kinds of reasons are discussed on the Internet, about its appearance, function and etc. […]

Dear ZVE member, Thanks for your long-term support and contribution to the development and growth of ZVE.From now on, we will launch a Customized Mall named “Custype”, which means that you will be able to customize your own pattern and design according to the existing basic style on our site. We hope you can join our design to show more […]

Mother’s Day was originally derived from ancient Greece. Mother’s Day initiated by American Amanm.arvis, which is Mother’s Day in the modern sense. Mother’s Day inspired the children’s affection and kindness, which is of great significance. It has now become an international commemorative holiday for people around the world to commemorate their mothers and show respect […]

Flowers, clothes, shoes, handbags, perfume, jewelry… Are these the Mother’s Day Gifts that you have in mind and planning to send out? Come on, try something new! They are no longer the people who can’t keep up with trends, they will follow trends and even fashionable than you. They also like high-tech new products, they […]