What you can choose as 2018 Mother’s Day Gift from ZVE?

Hi guys, since you’ve come in this page, then you may want to know what we ZVE can provide you as the 2018 Mother’s Day gift choice. Here, we will give you some recommendation as well as the reason.

Firstly, a wallet case. What’s the purpose of a wallet? To carry your credit card, money, coins, and? Yeah, take up the space of your pocket as well as add weight. So, there comes a wallet case, which is to help you simplify your outgoing, reduce weight of your pocket, and also give you some fashion elements and more convenience that make you unique as well. So, take a glance look at our wallet case, you will find it very convenient and suitable for using daily, especially when your mom goes shopping.
We will recommend 2 types of our wallet case to you, rotation wallet case with card holder and wallet case with card slot. Both functional but in different appearance and operation.

Secondly, a stand case. When you want to watch a video outside, do you want a stand to hold it up to make your hands free? Using a phone stand may be better, but you may be unwilling to take a phone stand wherever you go, so a stand case is the most suitable replacement of a phone stand, and give you the same function of a phone stand. Also, it’s convenient and easy using, no matter your mother or you, will both like it.
We’d like to recommend our stand case to you, which contain three colors, black/rose gold/mint green, suitable for both men and women. You can try a rose gold one for your mom, that’s a good choice. 

Thirdly, wallet case with adjustable cross-body strap and wrist-let. This one is more likely a handbag, a decoration, but it still a perfect wallet case, which makes your mom looks young.
If your mom don’t mind its front design, then you can buy one for her to have a try.

Okay, that’s all we recommend today as your mother’s day gift, please feel free to make your choice and you can contact us anytime you have questions.