ZVE New Arrivals

ZVE releases new arrivals again! Thanks for your long-term support and waiting! Do you know what type of products we have released this time?
Before 2018 Mother’s Day, we have released some wallet case and phone stand, please see our introduction below to see if they meet your demands!

(1) ZVE iPhone Carbon Fiber Design Card Holder Wallet Case



Does your mother or your kid’s mom (wife) used to carry different kinds of credit cards and member cards to go out like go shopping? Does she think it’s very inconvenient to take a large wallet outside as well as a cell phone? If she did, then you can consider this wallet case. Its back carbon fiber wallet can carry up to 12 cards, no matter credit cards, debit cards, ID, or cash, just for your preference. And it’s flexible elastic webbing maximum improved cards capacity, is a perfect item for card carrier. 
So, if you want to give more convenience to your mother, you can buy one home for her try.

(2)ZVE iPhone Wallet Case with Adjustable Crossbody Strap and Wristlet


If young mothers, your wife, we will suggest this one instead, which has an adjustable crossby strap, very fashionable. It seems like a small crossboday bag as well. It also has a wristlet, which is another way of convenience for her in different occasions. All in all, this one is very convenient for young lady, you might take it into your gift choice consideration.

(3) ZVE 4 in 1 iPhone and iwatch Charging Stand and Headphone Holder

Are there any mothers like multifunctional products? And also like to keep table neat and clean? Here we have a 4 in 1 stand, which can hold your apple watch, iPhone, headphone, and iPod. It can hang all you device at the same time, and also charge them, which is durable, neatly, and well organized. Definitely a perfect gift for your mom if she like multifunctional items. 

After seeing the introduction of our new arrivals, what do you think? Will you consider to select one of them as your gift choice?
By the way, we are going to hold our Mother’s Day Giveaway tomorrow in both Instagram and FaceBook. If you are interested in this, welcome to check our official account later tomorrow!