Why we all need your sincere reviews?

ZVE Fans,

Here is ZVE community blog, we’ve just welcomed about 4500 new fresh faces to join us. Most of them have purchased ZVE products, but some of them browse ZVE just because someone recommended to them. So they may have no much ideas about ZVE.

It lets me think of a personal experience that why we decided to create a best phone case brand. I’m not so careful and even absent-minded. So my good friend recommended a amazing wallet case for me.

That was a ZVE normal case for my iPhone 6 and I even ditched my standard wallet because the case had a great quality and fantastic design. Since then, I’ve been using the ZVE brand’s phone cases and finally I work for ZVE(Staff can test each new release for free, LOL).

So we all know how valuable real user reviews are, and we really need more reviews for our new fans here.  From now on, we’re collecting all the ZVE reviews we possibly can—from you.

In return for your valuable feedback, we’re getting you into a free tester. You can test our new product every month for free, just need to write a real review at ZVE Amazon store.

If you are interesting in this program, please feel free to contact us to let us know you ideas.